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It is hard to find people who still like to do snail mail, so I have a newsletter I send out in January, April, July & Oct. To get a copy it is $12 black or $18 color for one issue. To get 4 issues its $20 black or $25 color. Its like buying two and getting two FREE. Personal ads are FREE to be put in, but Business ads are $5 for a small ad, $50 for a half a page or $100 for a full page. The Full and half page ad will be in all 4 issues. Also you could subscribe and your ads will be free to be put in without paying the big prices. I take Cash, Checks & Money orders in The Pen Pal Book. This is a hobby and not a business.

If you have any questions you can Email me at Subject PPB.

Address: Kimberly Garigin, 3726 Green Pond RD, Gray Court, SC 29645

If you buy 4 or more issues you get a 2 raffle tickets, a gift, a Subscription card, ads to hand out to friends, pals or family. Movie, comic & Music sheets to earn credit towards discounts on issues or get them FREE. Post cards of credit you can earn. A coupon to save money on your next order and more!!!

I do take Paypal payments just send as a gift so I am not charged $3.20.

You can be a member here, donate money to keep my newsletter going, talk to other subscribers, get involved or even sign the Guest book!!!


I am no longer doing the newsletter. Last issue was January 2014!!!